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Year-End Project Evaluation and Direction Setting

After the organizational assessment of SNPP, same participants proceeded to assess the accomplishment of the Project for the period October 2019-November 2020. The assessment started with a review of the objectives of the project and then the participants were asked to answer whether those objectives were met of which all participants said that all project objectives were met[1] as seen in their workshop output and that all project activities were implemented except the activity on “ Creative and media-ble issues on Democracy”. The latter was not fully covered by mainstream media due the lack of public gatherings and mobilization brought about by pandemic. However, the project instead did a video documentation of the townhall meetings conducted by SNPP community facilitators.

As to gains and challenges, SNPP as an organization is widely recognized both in the community and national level as indicated by the number of humanitarian and developmental non-government organizations that have partnered them as support to organizational advocacy, projects and among others. SNPP’s participation to their activities were sought for coordination and implementation of their projects. Some of them were asked as resource persons for social protection topics and whenever there are project in the local government, e.g food and cash for work, SNPP members are being prioritized.  In the community level, SNPP’s opinions, advices and supports are widely asked for as well by the members and non-members.  However, there were challenges in the implementation of the project activities such as a) limited physical movement of the leaders especially in strengthening their base due to the pandemic and natural calamities that one after another has disrupted the livelihood and lives of the vulnerable communities and among these are SNPP leaders, members and their families; b) the lack of time and actionable activities to achieve committed and quality local leaders; c) the existing coordination mechanism and processes are still vague thus what is urgently needed is a clarity of guidelines  especially in the context of partnering with donors and other organizations

For Direction Setting

The objectives of the Project Cycle Year were presented and discussed. and the participants agreed to meet up early on January 2021 to further discuss the project objectives and activities vis-à-vis SNPP organizational goals.

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